Adonis hotels have implemented    specific measures    against COVID-19 in order to ensure the safety of our customers:


  1. A contingency plan has been prepared in order to determine preventive measures against the current
  2. The hotel staff has received training and information necessary to comply with the established protocol.
  3. Workers shall be protected by surgical masks, gloves, etc..; as well as encouraging hand washing much more frequently and regular
  4. Hotel installation and rooms have been applied COVID-19 treatment and disinfection before opening by an external company in order to guarantee correct disinfection. Certified has been issued.
  5. The cleaning of common areas and rooms are carried out with virucides approved by Health Ministry.
  6. Hydroalcoholic gels have been provided in key areas so that guarantee hands cleanings for clients.
  7. Capacity has been established by limit in common areas and ensuring the safety distance.
  8. There is bilingual info shown in hotel updated (English – Spanish) in order to keep customers informed.
  9. Reception has been provided of protective screens and distance marking on ground
  10. Keys room are cleaned with virucidal liquid against
  11. Card payment will be encouraged (contactless method)